What Are Consumers Demanding From Search Engines?

Consumer-driven Search EnginesSearch engine styles and designs seem to channel in similar patterns. Still, there is an evolution taking place in the use of search engines that is fairly predictable. This isn’t necessarily due to the original premise of search engines: to search for information. Consumer angst, felt when using search engines, is more likely offset by innovative portals and state-of-the-art applications that offer incomparable speed, smarter search methods and more exchanges with media and media applications. What consumers are demanding of search engines are higher levels of compatibility not just with search capabilities, but also in terms of other media applications they use frequently.Increased Volume of InformationWith additional media and media applications, gathering information in increased volume without taking extra steps to reach websites makes the job easier. There is one clearly recognizable aberration when searching information: unplanned distraction from the original search. Most users who start out searching for a specific bit of information have experienced, at least once, being distracted by search references within a specific data search. They may begin a search on widgets, only to find they’ve been unconsciously detoured to another site where widgets are a secondary search topic. The ability to mine vast volumes of information clearly indicates the need for substantial monitoring to keep data as fresh and current as other media applications. Since there is no central clearinghouse for online information, this accents the need for self-monitoring of websites to maintain their value.Lightening Speed Search Engine ResultsWhen information can be mined with lightening speed by search engines, consumers will naturally raise their expectations as technology advances. Consumers will begin to expect access macros that utilize two keystrokes to bring up portals and other applications in a “point and click” type speed. More important, consumers want accuracy in addition to speed. Consumers want to rely on the accuracy of information provided. There is also a trend toward using additional applications and portals that offer more in the way of consumer convenience.The Important Role SEO Plays In Meeting Consumers DemandsSEO will inevitably increase in importance as a result of meeting consumer demands for faster, more intelligent and more media with search engines. With the advent of Twitter, Facebook and similar applications, the impact for search engines will be to meet or exceed the advantages offered by social media.SEO – The New Language of SEO “Buzzwords”It isn’t outside of the realm of possibility that SEO may in fact, become a language unto itself, understood by users as well as commercial consumers of business and service products. The shorthand language that is potentially created by SEO buzz words, borrowed from texting and instant messaging , can be a significant advancement for website businesses. It’s easier to create sales promotions with SEO buzz words that are widely recognized and understood and can be leveraged with web businesses to add customized brand name and logo, simplifying searches and increasing site traffic. Consumers want options whether searching for information or for online purchasing. Thus, SEO buzz words offer a distinct opportunity to marry brand names with common keywords. In addition, these common keywords may provide associated links in the same way references in dictionaries and telephone directories are set up to be managed. Nothing makes an online surfer more appreciative than a productive search experience.